Flipping my Classroom

Flipped Classroom Lesson

Integrated Unit Plan https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0KWMtj_rFlOZVVCQXp3VGc5cDg/edit?usp=sharing

I really enjoyed exploring flipping classrooms. I finally found a different use for my ipad. I tried Educreations and Showme but found both apps hard to save my document for later or edit my lesson. I used Explain Everything to be the most useful for editing and saving my lesson. I also found flipping classrooms to be time consuming but I was really happy with my final product. Flipping classrooms takes a lot of planning ahead and organization. I think I will definitely try flipping classrooms again and try new and different techniques for the next one. Enjoy!

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One Response to Flipping my Classroom

  1. sjknight says:

    Flipping does take time. Each one you create is ready for the next year, so your library will increase. Also, if we apply the principles of UDL Flipping the lesson is not something we should do all the time. Great work. BTW-Love the Virginia Trekkers!!!

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