TEd- Talks: Internet- what’s that?

OLPC: XO internet access

OLPC: XO internet access (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched two Tedtalks one from Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover and Andrew Blum: What is the Internet really? I found both talks to be very interesting and informative.

I found Andrew Blum: What is the Internet really? to be a little more intriguing. Andrew discussed the relationship with the physical world and how it has changed with the internet. That there really is this world inside a screen and goes beyond the physical realm. He discussed how the physical and screen world come together by connecting the wires from one place to another. I found it interesting when he said there is no real world on the internet but connects us to the real world through pictures and interactive videos such as googlemaps. The wiring around the world connects us to the internet.

The internet has increased from dial-up to high speed internet connections to wifi. That we are all connected through these little tiny wires around the world that encompass a greater range that the physical world cannot have immediate access to. We rarely ever think of where the internet actually comes from unless our internet breaks down and the cable carrier needs to come out to repair wires. Wires? this is what encompasses our connections simple tiny, wires? Andrew Blum showed features of how these underground wires connect the internet and connects us from the physical world to the screen world.

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