The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom (Photo credit: stevegatoz)

I read “The Flipped Classroom Model:A Full Picture,” while I was reading this I was pondering how I could incorporate this into a classroom and how this would benefit me. Due to Khan Academy which supports various reasons why Flipped classroom works and promote learning. A Flipped classroom makes lesson come alive and interactive and deviates from the normal lecturing and textbooks. It also helps promote community growth by connecting to classrooms all over the world and learning from others. A flipped classroom really gets into the meaning of learning and why the students are learning what they are learning and experiencing their own growth first hand. A flipped classroom is providing students with self reliance and creating autonomy for what they learned. Students are applying what they have learned, realizing why it was learned and making meaning behind it.

Through reading this blog I realized that flipping a classroom can be beneficial to all students of all ages, and in turn can be beneficial to the teachers as well. This idea seems to be spreading fast with the growth of technology and the way students are learning and adapting. Teachers need to be one step ahead and take advantage of this growing phenomenon to learn about flipping classrooms.

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