Day 83

Day 83 (Photo credit: Marquette La)

On the EdReach site I listened to Educelerate Podcast which featured Max Mark from ED Map: The End of Textbooks. He expresses the need to get rid of textbooks and focus on digital textbooks. Digital Textbooks reduce the need for paper and carrying heavy books back and forth. Many textbook companies are giving the option to teachers for a virtual or physical edition. We have seen digital textbooks as a widespread phenomenon on ebook readers which leave books more accessible and at our fingertips.

I do believe Podcasts are something I would consider to learn for the future. Podcast create a different form of learning and creating, not only for the teacher but also for the students. Since podcasts can be accessible at anytime student may find it easier to review work or to relate their own learning through podcasts.

Podcasting would definitely be a learning curve for me but I would be willing to explore this avenue of education and enhance the learning of the students. I mean I can already create a PowerPoint so how much harder can it be to create a podcast?

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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