Scoop it, Pin it, Tweet it…oh my! (Photo credit: AJC1)



How can I decide which PLN to add? When I joined Facebook a few years back, I was very apprehensive about everyone knowing my life and knowing that my personally information out there. Facebook has now opened a lot of other networks for me, although I am not a regular to add to my post but I find Facebook a great connection for friends and interests.  I decided to look into Twitter, I felt very overwhelmed at finding the proper people/credible sources to follow. I do not think I could really get into Twitter and use it to its full benefits.


I have been on Pinterest for sometime now and I have found it a great tool/source for the classroom and beyond. I find Pinterest to be a great tool to keep everything I am interested in, in one place. I get so excited to use a new idea that I have pinned or I manipulate ideas to fit my own dynamics of the classroom.


For the sake of this class and adding to my PLN. I decided to join! I felt this was something that I could acclimate myself to, get the most out of and find educational resources. I have added various folders for each subject area and I will continue to research the possible resources! can offer.



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2 Responses to Scoop it, Pin it, Tweet it…oh my!

  1. sjknight says:

    How can i find your Scoop.It? Would love to follow you.

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