Grade 3- Target Standards

Earth Resources

3.10           The student will investigate and understand that natural events and human influences can affect the survival of species. Key concepts include

a)   the interdependency of plants and animals;

b)   the effects of human activity on the quality of air, water, and habitat;

c)   the effects of fire, flood, disease, and erosion on organisms; and

d)   conservation and resource renewal.

3.11           The student will investigate and understand different sources of energy. Key concepts include

a)   energy from the sun;

b)   sources of renewable energy; and

c)   sources of nonrenewable energy.

I chose to focus on Science because I feel there is a broad range of learning that goes on through science and the act of learning through doing. I thought it would particularly interesting to have the students look into earth natural disasters and current events that take place and find the meaning behind why such events are happening and research and find scientific reasons to support their findings. Also the effects that humans have on the world and how it is changing due to our responses.


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