Giving Reluctant Students a Voice

I can relate to this article as I am very reserved person when it comes to speaking in public and in groups. I usually will only participate when I see fit and when I feel comfortable to do so. I have noticed this in the classroom setting as well with the level of participants- I will have the students who will participate all day long and often go off the topic because they want their voice to be heard and then I have the students who are shy and quiet and will not talk all day long. I have tried a new technique this year so that everyone gets a chance to participate by using number sticks; I will call a students number out of a jar and they answer the question. This eliminates the students who always participate and also the loud hand raisers. This gives a chance for an even playing field and everyone has a chance to participate.

By using a blog in the classroom can also give the students a reason to participate in their own way they feel comfortable. Class blogs can take away face to face humiliation and the fear of speaking in public, while still giving the students a voice. Some students find it easier to write down their thoughts and others like to voice their opinions. A blog or online forum can reach out to both types of students while still letting everyone make a contribution.

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