Digital Media- New Learners of the 21st Century

Through watching this video I was truly amazed at what learning was taking place with using digital media. The students were passionate about what they were doing and took ownership over their product that they were creating. As teachers we have to prepare students for the future and digital media is the future. In watching this video it is apparent that technology is a tool and resource to enhance learning and explore critical thinking techniques.

I was particularly intrigued with the Quest to Learn school where each classroom is geared toward a media style of learning through either gaming or digital learning subjects. Students learn and create games through problem solving strategies and techniques. This keeps the students intrigued and motivated to learn while having fun doing it. The learning and assessment is the same but the product the students are creating is different, this gives the students confidence and keeps them highly motivated along the way.

Our society has evolved past normal routine of paper and pencil, chalk to chalkboard and education is being reinvented through the digital age. Digital media has changed our way of teaching to build autonomy and creativity amongst the students and learning from experiences. This allows students to innovate and produce new knowledge based on digital media and gives them the critical thinking skills teacher have longed for .

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