Flipping my Classroom

Flipped Classroom Lesson

Integrated Unit Plan https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0KWMtj_rFlOZVVCQXp3VGc5cDg/edit?usp=sharing

I really enjoyed exploring flipping classrooms. I finally found a different use for my ipad. I tried Educreations and Showme but found both apps hard to save my document for later or edit my lesson. I used Explain Everything to be the most useful for editing and saving my lesson. I also found flipping classrooms to be time consuming but I was really happy with my final product. Flipping classrooms takes a lot of planning ahead and organization. I think I will definitely try flipping classrooms again and try new and different techniques for the next one. Enjoy!

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TEd- Talks: Internet- what’s that?

OLPC: XO internet access

OLPC: XO internet access (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched two Tedtalks one from Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover and Andrew Blum: What is the Internet really? I found both talks to be very interesting and informative.

I found Andrew Blum: What is the Internet really? to be a little more intriguing. Andrew discussed the relationship with the physical world and how it has changed with the internet. That there really is this world inside a screen and goes beyond the physical realm. He discussed how the physical and screen world come together by connecting the wires from one place to another. I found it interesting when he said there is no real world on the internet but connects us to the real world through pictures and interactive videos such as googlemaps. The wiring around the world connects us to the internet.

The internet has increased from dial-up to high speed internet connections to wifi. That we are all connected through these little tiny wires around the world that encompass a greater range that the physical world cannot have immediate access to. We rarely ever think of where the internet actually comes from unless our internet breaks down and the cable carrier needs to come out to repair wires. Wires? this is what encompasses our connections simple tiny, wires? Andrew Blum showed features of how these underground wires connect the internet and connects us from the physical world to the screen world.

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The Brothers Grimm goes Digital with Hans in Luck

Through Powerpoint, Digital Storytelling and Youtube, who knew we -Dani Polo, Rachel Ebeling and myself could re-create such a wonderful tale of “Hans in Luck” by Brothers Grimm, which has a great life lesson of the exchange for luck.

Digital storytelling can aid in students re-creating their own short stories or even just exploring various projects to enhance through digital storytelling by adding graphics, sound and text. Students at any grade level could benefit from digital storytelling.

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Day 83

Day 83 (Photo credit: Marquette La)

On the EdReach site I listened to Educelerate Podcast which featured Max Mark from ED Map: The End of Textbooks. He expresses the need to get rid of textbooks and focus on digital textbooks. Digital Textbooks reduce the need for paper and carrying heavy books back and forth. Many textbook companies are giving the option to teachers for a virtual or physical edition. We have seen digital textbooks as a widespread phenomenon on ebook readers which leave books more accessible and at our fingertips.

I do believe Podcasts are something I would consider to learn for the future. Podcast create a different form of learning and creating, not only for the teacher but also for the students. Since podcasts can be accessible at anytime student may find it easier to review work or to relate their own learning through podcasts.

Podcasting would definitely be a learning curve for me but I would be willing to explore this avenue of education and enhance the learning of the students. I mean I can already create a PowerPoint so how much harder can it be to create a podcast?

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom (Photo credit: stevegatoz)

I read “The Flipped Classroom Model:A Full Picture,” while I was reading this I was pondering how I could incorporate this into a classroom and how this would benefit me. Due to Khan Academy which supports various reasons why Flipped classroom works and promote learning. A Flipped classroom makes lesson come alive and interactive and deviates from the normal lecturing and textbooks. It also helps promote community growth by connecting to classrooms all over the world and learning from others. A flipped classroom really gets into the meaning of learning and why the students are learning what they are learning and experiencing their own growth first hand. A flipped classroom is providing students with self reliance and creating autonomy for what they learned. Students are applying what they have learned, realizing why it was learned and making meaning behind it.

Through reading this blog I realized that flipping a classroom can be beneficial to all students of all ages, and in turn can be beneficial to the teachers as well. This idea seems to be spreading fast with the growth of technology and the way students are learning and adapting. Teachers need to be one step ahead and take advantage of this growing phenomenon to learn about flipping classrooms.

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The 3 C’s of Education

I found the article The Nuts and Bolts of 21st Century Teaching very enlightening and empowering. After doing the lesson so many times with her students she decided to turn the unit over to the students. She then became the facilitator of the unit and learned with the students as they did their research. Finding that Collaborating, Communicating and Connecting were the keys to a successful outcome.

As teachers we find it very hard to turn things over into other people hands with the worry that it will not get done properly or turn out the way it was intended. We forget that students do have a mind of their own and can manage to use their brain in other forms. Through working in collaborative groups this class of sixth graders were able to meet the standards and beyond by working together, communicating and reaching out to each other to search for inquiry to engage themselves in this unit of study that often many find difficult and troublesome to teach and to understand.

I believe that depending on the learning environment this is very possible with many students at many different grade levels to have the students search for their own answers to questions and facilitate the learning on their own realm. This takes often takes the teacher out of teaching but often places the learning and responsibilities on the students and creates autonomy in the classroom

Post-it notes

Post-it notes (Photo credit: watchsmart)


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Scoop it, Pin it, Tweet it…oh my!


Scoop.it (Photo credit: AJC1)



How can I decide which PLN to add? When I joined Facebook a few years back, I was very apprehensive about everyone knowing my life and knowing that my personally information out there. Facebook has now opened a lot of other networks for me, although I am not a regular to add to my post but I find Facebook a great connection for friends and interests.  I decided to look into Twitter, I felt very overwhelmed at finding the proper people/credible sources to follow. I do not think I could really get into Twitter and use it to its full benefits.


I have been on Pinterest for sometime now and I have found it a great tool/source for the classroom and beyond. I find Pinterest to be a great tool to keep everything I am interested in, in one place. I get so excited to use a new idea that I have pinned or I manipulate ideas to fit my own dynamics of the classroom.


For the sake of this class and adding to my PLN. I decided to join Scoop.it! I felt this was something that I could acclimate myself to, get the most out of and find educational resources. I have added various folders for each subject area and I will continue to research the possible resources Scoop.it! can offer.



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